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Primary School

Y2 Commendations

Last Friday, we celebrated another Commendations Assembly. As always, we were very proud of our Year 2 children. 

Hedgehog Class:

James - (Commendations) For learning the 5x table.

Toby - (Confetti) For being a good support friend.

Squirrel Class:

Eliza  - (Commendations) Eliza has worked incredibly hard on her joined handwriting. The handwriting that she used for her compliments letter was just outstanding. 

Isobel and Persephone (plus one other saved for next week!) - (Confetti) The girls worked together, as a team, with Miss Beasley to separate out the playground toys. They showed kindness, determination and perseverance. 

Badger Class:

Aoife- (Commendations) For excellent writing of her letter, good care to form her letters and practice her joins.

Freddie- (Confetti) For looking out for others on the playground and being responsible to talk to adults about issues at play and lunch.