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Primary School

Y2 Home Learning Friday 5/3/21

Y2- Here is the Home Learning blog for Friday 5th

Friday 5.3.21  

If you would like any photos related to World Book Day to be shared on the website, please email them, with permission, to your child’s class teacher by the end of the school day on Friday 5th March. 


In the live lesson, we practiced the join ‘th’ 

Practise writing the words below, with neat handwriting:  them, the, this, thin, there, think then, thing 

Remember to:   

Make sure the letters are a consistent size.  

Make sure they sit on the line.  

Space the letters out equally.   

Only join the ‘th’ letters.   



LO: To be able to edit my writing. 

Check past tense verbs. (blue) 

Check full stops and capital letters. (blue) 

Check time words. (green) 

Check that conjunctions make sense. (green) 

Check powerful verbs. (green) 

Check apostrophes are used accurately. (white) 

Check your writing makes sense. (white) 


Today you need to edit your writing. Start by reading your diary entry out loud either to yourself or to a grown up to check that it makes sense. Check to make sure you have included the features of a diary in your writing and see if you can improve your writing.  

If you normally do blue, then you need to check that you have used past tense verbs and you have capital letters and full stops.  

If you normally do green then you need to if you have included time words in your writing, check that your conjunctions make sense and that you have used powerful verbs.  

If you normally do white, you need to check that apostrophes are used correctly in your writing and that your writing makes sense. 


If you missed the live lesson, the narrated PowerPoint can be found here:  



On Friday, the children will be learning about block diagrams and then will use all the forms of data handling we have learnt this week to represent the same data. 

Blue and green activities will involve using given data to be represented in different ways, including block graphs. White activity today will involve the children collecting their own data and then representing it in 3 or more ways. 

If you missed the live lesson, the narrated PowerPoint can be found here:  


L.O. To be able to interpret and construct pictograms, tally charts, block diagrams and simple tables. 

Complete block graph using different colours.  (Yellow) 

Use the structures to show data on pictogram, block diagram and as statements. (Blue) 

Use the data and show it in 3 different ways.(Green) 

Collect your own data and show in at least 3 ways. (White) 

Write statements about your data. (White) 


A link for some data handling questions: 



LO: To know more about the story of Moses and why he is so important to Jewish people. 

To name some of the plagues that struck Egypt 

To explain how Moses led the Jewish people out of Egypt 

To say why Moses is such an important person to Jewish people 

Write down what you remember about Moses from the story of last week.  Watch the video from 8 mins to 21 mins 30 secs.  Divide your page into 3 sections. In the first section, draw a picture and write a sentence to show some of the plagues that were sent to Egypt.  In the middle section, write or draw a picture of the Jewish people leaving Egypt and add thought bubbles to show what they were thinking.  In the final section, draw a picture of them crossing the Red Sea, with Moses at the front. 

Extension:  Write down why Moses was such an important person to the Jewish people.