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Primary School

Y2 Home Learning Wednesday 3.3.21

Here is the Y2 work for Wednesday 3.3.21

Thursday 4th March is World Book Day! If your child would like to dress up as a favourite book character for the live lesson on Thursday, they are more than welcome to, but there is no expectation that children do this. Please see the World Book Day blog (posted before Half Term) for more information about World Book Day. We are particularly excited about the potato book characters and  hearing about the children’s favourite books, in whatever way they would like to share them.  

If you have done any World Book Day activities and your child would like to share them with their peers during the live lesson on Thursday, please either email them to your child’s teacher prior to the lesson or remind your child to have it with them during the live lesson. We will spend a large proportion of the live lesson, on Thursday, celebrating all things to do with World Book Day. 

If you would like any photos related to World Book Day to be shared on the website, please email them, with permission, to your child’s class teacher by the end of the school day on Friday 5th March. 


We will deliver a short phonics lesson, in the live lesson.   

After the live lesson you can play any game on Phonics Play related to the sound: are  (care and share). Username: Thrapston Password: Thrapston  

If you missed the live lesson, the narrated PowerPoint can be found here:  


LO: To be able to write a diary. 

Verbally say your diary entry. (yellow) 

Write in the past tense. (blue) 

Write in full sentences. (blue) 

Use time words. (green) 

Add extra detail with conjunctions. (green) 

Use powerful verbs. (green) 

Use apostrophes for possession. (white) 

Check for sense. (white) 

Today you need to write your diary entry about one of the characters from the Cinderella story. You need to use the plan you wrote yesterday to help you. Make sure that you are including the features of a diary; 

  1. First person, 

  1. Past tense, 

  1.  Include date/time, 

  1. Chronological order, 

  1. Time words, 

  1. Thoughts and feelings, 

  1. Where it took place. 

If you normally do yellow, you need to verbally say your diary entry.  
If you normally do blue you need to write your diary entry. Make sure you are writing in past tense and you are writing in full sentences.  
If you normally do green you need to include the time words that were on your plan, use powerful verbs and add extra details using conjunctions like and, but, because, or.  
If you normally do white you need to include some words that need apostrophes to show possession and you need to check that your writing makes sense. 

If you missed the live lesson, the narrated PowerPoint can be found here:  


On Wednesday, we will be learning how to interpret and construct scaled pictograms. This is where one picture can represent more than 1 object. 

If you missed the live lesson, the narrated PowerPoint can be found here:  

L.O. To be able to interpret and construct simple pictograms where the symbols represent more than 1. 

Count the data on the pictogram. Show the data where 1 symbol =2. (Blue) 

Use the key to see what the symbol represents. Complete the tables. (Green) 

Read the clues.   Say what the symbol represents and complete the pictogram. (White) 

Find different ways to represent the pictogram. (White) 


For our PSHE this week we will continue looking at British values and discussing how important they are in our society. This week we will be looking at Tolerance. Our job for today is to create a Poster encouraging people to be more tolerant.  

The narrated PowerPoint video can be found here:  


Here is another Ball, Tall and Wall lesson from Georgia, with the objective “To be able to show ball shaped actions”.