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Primary School

Y2 Optional DT Project - Fruit Salad

Here is the Y2 Optional Project for w/c 1.3.21

This week, we are going to be learning about fruit, testing fruit, designing and making a fruit salad, before evaluating it. We have recommended that children use up to four different pieces of fruit in their final fruit salad. If you do not have spare fruit for a fruit salad, or are unable to get hold of any add additional fruit, whatever fruit that you usually have will work perfectly, or alternatively your child could just do the design sessions.

Session 1 – Video

Watch the video - Growing and picking orchard fruit.

Session 2 – Testing the fruit

Choose up to four different pieces of fruit and taste it. Make sure you take a good look at the fruit and think of adjectives to describe the way it looks. Make sure you know what it is called. Slowly taste the fruit and think of adjectives to describe how it tastes. Decide if you like/ dislike the fruit and why. Then, draw and label the fruit. Use the sheet attached (one page per fruit), if you want to, or present your work in your own way.

Remember to ask an adult which fruit you can test, do not choose fruits that you are allergic to and if the fruit needs peeling, cutting etc. then ask an adult to do this for you, or with you, if you are able to do it safely.

Session 3 – Designing the fruit salad

Design your fruit salad – you can have up to four pieces of fruit. This might be the fruit that you tested, or it could be other fruit. Speak to an adult about what fruit you will have access to. Draw your fruit salad (how it will look in the bowl). Then, write sentences to explain your fruit choices. Use the sheet attached, if you want to, or present your design in your own way.

Session 4 – Making the fruit salad

With an adult, safely make your fruit salad. If you are using fruit that needs to be chopped or peeled, work with your adult to safely do this. When your fruit salad is made and it looks how you want it to look, enjoy it! (Be sure to share it with everyone in the house!)

Session 5 – Evaluation

Evaluate your fruit salad.

What do you like about the taste your fruit salad?

What did you like about the way your fruit salad looked?

What skills did you use to make your fruit salad?

Who do you think would enjoy your fruit salad? Why?

If you made your fruit salad again, what would you do differently?

Top tips for designing and making a fruit salad.