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Primary School

Y2- Home Learning Friday 26th February

Y2- Here is the Home Learning for 26/2/21

Friday 26.2.21  

Next week’s optional project is DT: food. The second session will involve tasting fruit, and the penultimate session will involve making a fruit salad. If you would like to take part in this optional project, and you are doing your shopping before the weekend, you might like to pop some extra, or different, fruit into your shopping trolley. We have recommended that the children use up to four different pieces of fruit in their final fruit salad. If you don’t have access to additional fruit please don’t worry, whatever fruit that you usually have will work perfectly, or your child could just do the design sessions.  



In the live lesson, we practiced the join ‘ch‘ 

Practise writing the words below with neat handwriting: chain, chips, such, much, fish, ship, shop, dish 

Remember to:   

Make sure the letters are a consistent size.  

Make sure they sit on the line.  

Space the letters out equally.   

Only join the t and h letters.   



LO: To be able to write a diary entry. 

Verbally tell the second part of your diary entry. 

Write in the past tense. 

Write in full sentences. 

Use the correct past tense verb. 

Use time words. 

Add extra detail with conjunctions. 

Use powerful verbs. 

Today, you need to use your plan that you wrote on Wednesday and the first half of your diary entry that you wrote yesterday and write the second part of your diary entry about Scaredy Squirrel finding the perfect friend. Once you have finished writing it you need to read it out loud to check that it makes sense. Check that you have included the features of a diary in your writing. Edit and improve your writing where you need to.  


If you missed any part of the live lesson, the narrated PowerPoint video can be found here:  



On Friday, we are going to continue with our maths mystery. This will involve us using the skills that we have been learning over this term and a few from last term. Today this will involve calculating fractions and completing number patterns. 

The work will be differentiated by the amount of support which you give to your child and if your child uses apparatus/drawing methods/mental calculation to solve questions. 


Blue – will need support from an adult and may use apparatus/possibly a drawing method. 

Green – independent work, may use drawing or mental method. Maybe a little support. 

White – completely independent work and mostly mental methods used. 

 If you missed any part of the live lesson, the narrated PowerPoint video can be found here:  


LO: To be able to retell the story of the birth of Moses and/or the burning bush.  

Order the events of the birth and early life of Moses (Blue) 

To order and write expanded sentences to describe the early life of Moses (green) 

To write expanded sentences about the early life of Moses, including any feelings he might have had during the story (white) 

Have a look at the story of Moses using the link below, watch the first 8 minutes.  Rewrite the story and draw pictures to go with your sentences.  Use the sentences attached in the blog to help you.   (Story of Moses)