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Primary School

Y2 Optional DT Project

Here is the Y2 Optional DT Project for w/c 22.2.21

Y2 Optional DT Project

This week we are going to make a junk robot.

On Day Three, you will make your junk model, so start collecting junk, recycling or other supplies from around the house. You might want to collect straws, toilet roll tubes, yogurt pots, cereal boxes – and anything else that you find!

For day three you might also need scissors and glue if you have some.

Day One: Watch the video/ listen to the story: ‘No-Bot the Robot with No Bottom!’

Day Two: Draw a design of a junk robot that you are going to make later in the week. Colour in your drawing if you can. Label the parts of the robot with what you might make each part out of.

Day Three: Using your design from yesterday, make your robot using the junk that you have been collecting.

Be careful if you are using scissors or objects that might be sharp.

Day Four: Paint and decorate your robot using paint, stickers, tissue paper or anything else that you have at home.

Day Five: Evaluate your junk robot.

What do you like about your junk robot?

Which skills did you use for your junk robot?

If you made a junk robot again, how would you change it?

Top tips for making a junk robot.

During the live lesson on Friday 26th February, you will be invited to share what you have made.