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Primary School

Y2 Home learning Friday 12.2.21

Y2: Here is the home learning for Friday 12.2.21

Friday 12.2.21  

Handwriting  - introduced in live lesson 

In the live lesson, we practiced the join ‘ ng ‘ 

Practice writing the words below, with neat handwriting.  

thing, sing, sung, king, bang, hung, ring, lung, 

Remember to:   

Make sure the letters are a consistent size.  

Make sure they sit on the line.  

Space the letters out equally.   

Only join then   n and g letters.   


English  - introduced in live lesson 

On Friday, we will discuss all types of instructions that we use. Then, we will encourage the children to write their own instructions, based on whatever they like (hand washing, building a paper aeroplane, baking a cake). If the children would like to follow their own instructions, and send us a photo of what they make/ do, we would love to see it – alongside their written instructions.  

LO: To be able to own write instructions.  

Say instructions. (yellow) 

Use some capital letter and full stops correctly. (blue) 

Use simple time words. (blue) 

Use most capital letters and full stops correctly. (green) 

Use imperative verbs. (green) 

Use varied time words. (green) 

Use correct layout. (green) 

Write detailed instructions. (white) 

If you missed the live lesson, the narrated PowerPoint can be found here:  


Maths  - introduced in live lesson 

Friday’s live lesson will be a reminder of the fraction work we have been doing so far this week. The activities the children will be completing from the end of the blog are focused on calculating fractions of numbers. There is also a game for the children to play, which will give them more practise looking at fractions of shapes. 

If you missed the live lesson, the narrated PowerPoint can be found here:  


L.O. To be able to calculate fractions of numbers. 

Use practical apparatus to calculate ½ and ¼. (Blue) 

Use drawing method to calculate ½  2/4  and ¾. (Green) 

Use known facts to calculate fractions of numbers. (½ ¼ ¾ 1/3)  (White) 



LO: To be able to know that the Torah has stories about people that are special to Jewish people in it 

Name my favourite story and say why it is my favourite (Blue) 

Retell the story of Abraham’s search for a wife for his son (Green) 

Say why this story is important to Jewish people (White) 


Think about your favourite story.  Either write about or draw a picture about it.  Think about why you like story so much.  the Torah has stories in it that are about people who are special to Jewish people. Watch the video clip to learn about one of those people. 

Watch the clip – The Torah and Abraham’s search for a wife for his son. 

Can you retell the story?  You could draw it out and write it down. 

Extension – Why do you think this story is important to Jewish people?