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Primary School

Optional Music project

Y2- Here is some information about our new optional music project. 

Our new project for the week is going to focus on the theme 'I wanna be in a band.'

Below we have 5 songs for you to listen to that all were created by famous bands from the past. Listen to these songs at home and go through the list of questions below to appraise the songs. Afterwards, you could write down, record or send a picture of your reactions and thoughts on the song you have listened to that day.


Here are the 5 songs

  1. We will rock you- Queen
  2. Smoke on the water-Deep Purple
  3. Rocking all over the world- Status Quo
  4. Jonny B Goode-Chuck Berry
  5. I saw her standing there- The Beatles

Once you have listened to a song try to answer these questions to discuss the song with someone. 

Do you like the song? ● What can you hear? ● What is the style of this music? ● How does the song make you feel?

We hope you have fun exploring the music and enjoy the songs. Additionally, you could have a go at crafting your own percussion instrument to try and keep the rhythm of the song you are listening to.

If you have any questions please let us know,

The Year 2 Team.