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Primary School

Y2 Home Learning Friday 5.2.21

Year 2- Home learning for Friday 5.2.21

Friday 5.2.21  

Handwriting - part of the live lesson 

In the live lesson, we practiced the join ‘ a n‘ 

Practise writing the words below, with neat handwriting: nan, fan, sand, band, and, car, jar, far, cart.  

Remember to:   

Make sure the letters are a consistent size.  

Make sure they sit on the line.  

Space the letters out equally.   

Only join the a and n letters.   

We have included some screenshots from the lesson, to show you how to do the join, in case you are unable to see the screen.  


English  - introduced in the live lesson  

On Friday, the children should finish writing their recount. During the live lesson, we will talk through each of the Success Criteria points and show the children how to edit and improve their writing. If your child finishes writing their recount, encourage them to look back through their writing and edit and improve it where they can.  

The Learning Objective and Success Criteria are the same as Thursday.  

The narrated PowerPoint video can be found here:  

LO: To be able to write a recount. 

Write in the past tense. (blue) 

Write in full sentences. (blue) 

Use the correct past tense verb. (green) 

Use time words. (green) 

Check that it makes sense. (green) 

Add extra detail with conjunctions. (white) 

Use powerful verbs. (white) 


Maths   - introduced in the live lesson 

On Friday we will be calculating divisions with remainders.  

There is a story, read by Mrs McMurdo, called ‘Remainder of one’ which the children can listen to today as well. Here is where you can find it:


If you think that your child needs more practise with division without remainders first, here are a couple of websites you could look on: 

If you missed the live lesson, the narrated PowerPoint can be found here:  


LO: To be able to calculate division statements which include remainders. 

Calculate the division by sharing into groups.  Say how many are left over. (Blue) 

Calculate by counting in 2s, 5s or 10s to solve. (Green) 

Count on to find the remainder. (Green) 

Use known multiplication facts to solve.  Show the x statement used. (White) 



LO: To be able to describe what happens at the end of Shabbat 

Say how you know when something has finished, ie. The end of the school day (Blue) 

Describe some of the things that Jewish people do to mark the end of Shabbat (Green) 

Name some of the special things that Jewish people use to mark the end of Shabbat (White) 


Think about how you know when something has finished or ended.  For example, how do you know when it is the end of the school day?  How do you know when a film has finished? Is it the same thing every time?  This week’s video shows how Shabbat ends. 

Watch the clip – Closing of Shabbat 

Imagine that you are a Jewish child, at the end of Shabbat. Write a few sentences to describe what happens, as if you were there. Add one sentence to describe how you feel about Shabbat.