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Primary School

Y2 History Project

Year 2- Here is some information on our new optional history project

History project


This week we will be starting our own History project that links to famous people from history. The goal of this project is to create your own timeline for your chosen person.

Day one- pick your favourite person- The first task will be to select a person from history who you think is important or someone who you are interested in learning more about. This person could be an inventor, a sportsman, monarch or even someone from your family. 

Day two- famous person drawing- Now that you have selected your person to research, find a picture of this person. The next task will be to create your own drawing of this person. You could use an image as a guide as you create your own portrait. Feel free to use paint, pencils, crayons or whatever you have to create a picture of your chosen person. Remember to add their name to the bottom of your drawing.

Day three- research facts- Our timeline is going to be filled with many important dates and events from your chosen person’s life. You will need to include their date of birth and then write down as many interesting facts as you can. Make sure to include the dates of when the events happened so you can easily organise your timeline.

Day four- why were they important- Now that you have researched your person and found out interesting facts about them you will need to write a few sentences to share why they are an important person.

Day 5- create a timeline- Your last task is to create a timeline for your person. Gather all of your facts, make sure they are in order, and create your timeline of your chosen person’s life.