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Primary School

Y2 Home Learning Thursday 28.1.21

Please find below the Y2 work for Thursday 28.1.21

Thursday 28.1.21  

Guided Reading –  (Part of the live lesson)  

Read the text ‘The Bear Who Came to Babysit‘ that we sent out earlier in the week. Then answer one of the following questions (blue, green or white).   

LO: To be able to make inferences based on what was said or done.  

Why does mum say, 'We just need the babysitter to arrive’? (blue) 

Mum says ‘we need the babysitter to arrive’ so that __________________________________________________________ .  

Do you think Arno and Bibi had fun with the bear? Why? (green) 

I think that Arno and Bibi had fun with the bear because __________________________________________________________ .  

Do Arno and Bibi's family have a big car or a small car? How do you know? Find the word in the text. (white) 

Arno and Bibi have a _______ car. I know this because it says  __________________ . 



On Thursday, we are learning/ revising how to write in the past tense. In the documents you will find one word document with all of the colour levels. If doing blue, your child should choose words from the blue list and write the past tense verb for the present tense verb that is given. If doing green or white, then they should choose verbs from the appropriate colour list, write the past tense version of the verb, then use it in a past tense sentence.  

Also, in the documents are some past tense verb reference sheets that your child might find useful – especially if doing white.  

LO: To be able to write in the past tense.  

Write past tense verbs. (blue) 

Use regular past tense verb endings correctly. (green) 

Use time words. (green) 

Use irregular past tense verb endings correctly. (white) 


If you missed any of the live lesson, the narrated PowerPoint video can be found here:  



On Thursday, we will be learning about arrays and how they show multiplication in a different way. The children will be using pictures and images of arrays which they will use to write and calculate 1 or 2 multiplications.   

Yellow activity * one starred activity sheet. The children will need to calculate the total. 

Blue activity **two starred activity sheet. The children will need to complete the statement by filling in the missing numbers that the array is representing. 

Green activity: The children will use the coloured images of arrays and write 2 multiplication sentences. 

Extra green - ***three starred activity sheet (at the end of the yellow and blue activity) is optional. The children will also need to write 2 multiplication sentences. 

White activity: The children will need to show 2 multiplication sentences and also write what the same array would look like as a repeated addition – both ways! 


The differentiated activities are included at the end of the blog. 


If you missed the live lesson, the narrated PowerPoint can be found  here: 

LO:To be able to calculate multiplication problems which are shown as an array. 

LO: To be able to write x = statements correctly. 

Count to find the total. (Yellow) 

Complete X = statement. (Blue) 

Write the 2 multiplications statements. Calculate the answer. (Green) 

Write the 2 multiplication statements. (White) 

Show as repeated addition. 



LO: To be able to explore the effects of water on a variety of materials.

Say what waterproof means (Blue) 

Sort materials into 2 groups of waterproof and not waterproof (Green) 

Write what materials are suitable for a given purpose (White) 


This week, we are looking at materials and exploring what effect water has on them – in a controlled way of course!!  Have a look at the PowerPoint and see what you can find out. 

For a white level sentence, an example might be: A window is made of glass because it is waterproof and does not let the rain in. 

The narrated PowerPoint video for this lesson can be found here: