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Primary School

Y2 Home Learning Wednesday 20.1.21

Please find here the work for Wednesday 20.1.21

Wednesday 20.1.21  

If possible, for English today, the children should use the planning sheets attached. They are colour-coded to match the level of differentiation. If your child could have the relevant one printed then it would be beneficial, but if not, they will be able to write down their answers on a blank piece of paper.  


We will deliver a short phonics lesson, in the live lesson.   

After the live lesson you can play any game on Phonics Play related to the sound:  air. Username: Thrapston Password: Thrapston  

The narrated PowerPoint video can be found here:  



During the live lesson, we will support the children in planning their quest story, however they will still need some time after the lesson to complete the task of planning their own quest story.  

The quest story should be based on ‘Back to Earth with a Bump’ from last week, should be set in a forest, and should have their character that they designed on Monday. 

If you missed any part of the live lesson, the narrated PowerPoint video can be found here:  

LO: To be able to plan a quest story.  

Verbally tell the story.  (yellow)

Map out main points of the story.  (blue)

Use time words.  (green)

Choose appropriate vocabulary. (green)

Double check tricky spellings. (white)



On Wednesday the children will be learning about odd and even numbers. They will be sharing them, deciding if they are odd or even and finding if there is a pattern in which numbers are odd and which are even. 

We have attached a net for a dice (for the game), in case you don't have a dice at home. 

If you miss the live lesson, the narrated PowerPoint can be found here:  

L.O. To be able to recognise odd and even numbers. 

Count the socks. Pair them up. Decide if there is an odd sock. Say if the number is odd or even. (Yellow) 

Calculate which numbers are odd or even by sharing using apparatus. 

Say what you notice about the odd and even numbers.(Blue) 

Use your knowledge of odd and even numbers to sort these numbers.(Green) 

Add two 2 digit numbers and decide if the answer is odd or even. (White) 


Online Safety  

Watch the video PowerPoint:   

It contains lots of talking points/ questions that would ideally by discussed with an adult, but if that is not possible, encourage your child to think about each answer before moving onto the next slide. Children will need to be able to pause the video, but no equipment will be required.  After listening to the PowerPoint video, then they could produce a poster, leaflet, video, or PowerPoint telling other children how to stay safe online. 


JJ from Fiesta Sports has kindly put together a gymnastics PE lesson for the Year 2 children. Find a safe space, click on the link and join in.