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Primary School

Y2 Geography project

Here is the blog for our new optional project.

This week, we have decided to set an optional project based around our local area. Our geography unit is about settlements and the area that we live in, so this project links nicely with our geography lessons.  

We have given you all of the information in one go, so that, if you choose to do the project, you can pick and choose how you would like to do the project and when. If they would like to, we will encourage the children to discuss the work that they have been doing on the project in the live lessons, but there is no expectation that it is completed, as it is optional. We might do some of the activities with the children that are in school, but if we do, we will adapt them for school, so do not worry about any crossover.  


Project Day 1 

To begin with, think about Thrapston or your local area. Write as many different places or features you can think of in your area.  E.g. church, river, postbox.  

Project Day 2 

Continuing our project to think about our local area, think about a place in your local area. This could be a place you have visited or somewhere you like. You might want to Google a photograph to help you draw your picture, make sure to include why it is your favourite place. 

Project Day 3 

For today's project we are giving you the chance to add something to your local area. Write about something you would like your local area to have. This could be a type of shop, amusement or anything you can think of. 

Project Day 4 

The next step in our project is to start to think about what makes a town as great as possible, what must it have for everyone to live in it happily? Draw and label your perfect town. What are its features? What are the houses like? What does it have in it? 

Project day 5 

Thinking about your local area. Write down a list of directions from your home to your favourite place in your area. These directions could be set our like instructions or a short story of how you could get from one place to another. 


 Project Day 6/7 

Think about somewhere in your local area. Your job is to construct a place, building or even the whole town! Carefully build your model using Lego, cardboard or whatever you have to hand. Make sure to label your model before sending a picture in for our gallery. 


Project day 8 

Finally, to end our project you will need to draw a picture of your local area and what it would look like from a bird’s eye view. This could be set out to look like a map.