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Primary School

Y2 Home Learning Friday 15/1/21

Y2 Friday 15th Home learning.

Friday 15.1.21 

A little head’s up for Monday’s English lesson. If possible, please have colouring pencils/ felt tips and plain paper to hand.  


In the live lesson, we will practise the join ‘un’. 

Practise writing the words below, with neat handwriting: bun, pun, nun, fun, sun, mum, sum, hum.   

Remember to:  

Make sure the letters are a consistent size. 

Make sure they sit on the line. 

Space the letters out equally.  

Only join the u and n/m letters.  


In the live lesson, we will be talking about retelling a story. We would like you to re-write (in your own words!) the second part of the story: ‘Back to Earth with a Bump’. Then edit and improve your work.  

The narrated PowerPoint video can be found here:  

LO: To be able to retell a quest story.  

     To be able to edit and improve writing.  

Use time words.  (blue) 

Use FS and CL.  (blue) 

Write expanded noun phases. (blue) 

Choose adjectives carefully.  (green) 

Use adverbs. (green) 

Use adventurous vocabulary. (white) 



On Friday we will be learning how to estimate the answers to questions. This is useful when trying to work out if the answer we have calculated is likely to be correct. It isn’t an exact answer just an indication that we are close to the correct answer. 

Please make sure you join us on the live session in the morning or watch the recorded session on our blog and then complete the activities which are attached at the end of the blog.  

The PowerPoint video can be found here:  

L.O. To be able to use estimation to check answers. 

Calculate and say if correct/smaller or larger. (Blue) 

Use place value to help with estimation and some rounding, where there is crossing of 10s. (Green) 

Use place value to help with estimation and some rounding, where there is some crossing of 10s. (Pink) 

Estimate and explain when the number choices are closer to the answer. (White) 


Think about your favourite day of the week.  Which one is it and why?  Look at the following video clip and learn about the special day of the week for Jewish people. 

LO: To understand why Shabbat is a special day for Jewish people. 

Think of 2 activities that Jewish people cannot do during Shabbat and 2 activities that they are allowed to do.  You could draw pictures of them.   

Extension - What activities would you normally do on Saturdays?  Which of these would Jewish children be allowed to do?