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Primary School

Y2 Home Learning Thursday 14/1/21

Year 2 Home learning Thursday 14/1/21

Thursday 14.1.21 

Guided Reading

Billy Goats Gruff (Part of the live lesson) 

Read the text ‘Billy Goats Gruff’ (page 4 of the PDF document) that we sent out earlier in the week. Then answer one of the questions (blue, green or white).  

LO: To be able to predict what might happen on the basis of what has been read so far.  

Say what you think will happen next.  (blue) 

I predict the _______________________________ .  

Give reasons for your prediction.  (green) 

I predict _______________because ______________ .  

Make a prediction for Billy Goat Gruff and the troll.  (white) 

I predict that the Billy Goat Gruff will   ____________ because ________. 

I predict that the troll will   ____________ because ________. 



In the live lesson, we will talk about retelling a story. We would like you to re-write (in your own words!) the first part of the story: ‘Back to Earth with a Bump’.  

Tha narrated PowerPoint video can be found here:  

LO: To be able to retell a quest story.  

Use time words.  (blue) 

Use FS and CL.  (blue) 

Write expanded noun phases. (blue) 

Choose adjectives carefully.  (green) 

Use adverbs. (green) 

Use adventurous vocabulary. (white) 


We will be using inverse to check the answers to calculations.  

Please make sure you join us on the live session in the morning or watch the recorded session on our blog and then complete the activities which are attached at the end of the blog.  

The PowerPoint video can be found here:  

L.O. To be able to recognise and use the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction to check calculations. 

Use apparatus to find and write inverse statement to check. (Blue) 

Write correct + sentence to find inverse and calculate to check. (Green) 

Calculate when the inverse crosses 10s. (White) 


LO: To be able to know how the shapes of solid objects made from some materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching. 

This week, we are carrying on with our investigation into different materials.  The activity is to gather up to 7 objects, preferably made from different materials.  You are going to investigate which objects you can either squash, bend, twist or stretch. Record your answers on the sheet in resources, or draw your own, as there is a suggestion on the powerpoint. 

The narrated PowerPoint video can be found here:  

Windmill Project  

Today’s lesson will be an evaluation lesson. Looking at your windmill and your design you will need to answer the following questions: 


1 What do you like about your windmill? 

2 What would you do differently next time to improve it? 

3 What skills did you use? What did you find difficult? 

4 What helpful hints would you give to someone who wanted to make their own Windmill?