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Primary School

Year 2 Wednesday 13/01/21

Here is the work for Wednesday 13th.

Wednesday 13.1.21 


We will deliver a short phonics lesson, in the live lesson.  Here is the link to the narrated PowerPoint video:

After the live lesson you can play any game on Phonics Play related to the sound: oo (Poo at the zoo). Username: Thrapston Password: Thrapston 



After the live lesson, use the adjectives/ adverbs in the ‘English Adverb Activity’ in a sentences.  

LO: To be able to use suffix ending 'ly' to create adverbs.  

Use adverbs in a sentence. (blue) 

Convert adjectives to adverbs using the suffix ‘ly’. (green) 

Know all the rules for adding the suffix ‘ly’. (white) 

If you missed the live lesson, the narrated PowerPoint can be found here: 



On Wednesday, we will be using bar models to learn about commutativity. 

The narrated PowerPoint can be found here:  

L.O. To be able to write statements about a bar model, understanding that addition is commutative.  (To be able to begin to find the inverse.) 

Use the bar model to work out 2 additions and 2 subtractions. (Blue) 

Show that + is commutative and - is not, by adding the correct missing number and writing the correct number sentences. (Green) 

Balance the bars using commutative knowledge. (White) 

Please make sure you join us on the live session in the morning or watch the recorded session on our blog and then complete the activities which are attached at the end of the blog.  


Online Safety 

As we are all spending a little more time online, it is important to remember to stay safe. The children have already seen this video (in September), but it gives a very important message. This is Episode 3. When children have watched video, they should create a colourful online safety poster.  


Windmill Project 

 We will be adding a turbine onto our windmill on Wednesday. 

Make sure to add a hole onto your windmill body safely so the turbine can easily fit and spin. Get your materials together and begin creating your windmills to match your design adding colours or images onto them. Once you have created your turbine you will need to add an axel, this could be a straw, pencil or pipe cleaner, through the middle of your turbine. The next step will be to carefully push this turbine into your hole in the windmill to complete your design. 

Make sure to send us a picture of your designed windmill after you have finished.