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Primary School

Y2 Home Learning Monday 11.1.21

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Monday 11.1.21 

We will be doing Guided Reading on Thursday. We have attached the text (Billy Goats Gruff) today, so that your child reads it, or so that you can read it with your child, before the session. 



We have delivered a short phonics lesson, in the live lesson.  

If you missed the live lesson, the PowerPoint video is here: 

After the live lesson you can play any game on Phonics Play related to the sound: igh (Fly high). Username: Thrapston Password: Thrapston 


Before this lesson, it is important that your child has read or heard the story, ‘Back to Earth with a Bump’. We have read it to the children in the live lesson, but there is a recorded version of the story here:  

We have delivered the teaching part of the this lesson in the live lesson. If you missed the live lesson, or any part of it, then a recorded version of the Ppt is here:  

Here is another video that might be helpful: (Not shown on live lesson.) 

Please write a setting description for space using the following Success Criteria.  

LO: To be able to write a setting description. 

Success Criteria 

Say adjectives and expanded noun phrases. (yellow) 

Write expanded noun phrases. (blue) 

Choose adjectives carefully. (green) 

Write in full sentences. (green) 

Use adventurous vocabulary. (white) 


Today we will be proving that addition can be done in any order. (commutativity) 

If you missed us on the live session this morning  watch the recorded session ( and then complete the activities which are attached at the end of the blog.  


L.O. To be able to show addition of 2 numbers can be done in any order (commutative). 

Count and check it makes the same answer. Write the 2 additions. (Yellow) 

Prove by drawing out that it makes the same answer. (Blue) 

Prove by drawing that it makes the same answer when numbers cross 10s. (Green) 

Say if correct and explain why. (White) 


Today in Geography we will be begging our new topic which focuses on our Local area. 

We will begin by learning about what urban and rural means, and if Thrapston is rural or urban. Please use the recorded Geography PowerPoint to support your learning:

LO: To be able to spot the differences between rural and urban areas and know what type of settlement I live in.  

Draw a picture of a rural or urban area. (Blue) 

Write about what type of area you live in and how you know this. (Green) 

Compare the type of area you live in with a different type of area.(White) 

Windmill Project 

Using your windmill design from last week, today’s aim is to build the main body of your windmill, find your materials and add your design features onto your windmill tower. Remember to add your windows, doors or extra details to match your design. Make sure your windmill is ready for Tuesday when we will be adding our cone/roof.