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Primary School

Y2 Home Learning Friday 8.1.21

Friday 8.11.21 


Today, we will be learning how to use apostrophes for contractions. Look at the PowerPoint, then use the resources to write some sentences using contractions.  

LO: To be able to use contractions.   



Today we will be recapping our skills adding 3 one digit numbers and applying this skill.  

L.O. To be able to use the knowledge of adding 3 one digit numbers to solve problems.  

Please make sure you join us on the live session in the morning or watch the recorded session on our blog and then complete the activities which are attached at the end of the blog. (This is the powerpoint for the lesson in video form.)

Add 3 numbers using drawing method. (Yellow) 

Add first 2 numbers and count on to find the missing number. (Blue) 

Say if true/false and explain why.  (Green) 

Solve more complex missing number problems.    (White)  


Don’t forget you can practise knowing your number bonds to make 10 so you can solve these more easily: 

You can also practise some simple addition and balancing of number statements here: 



Think about some items that are special to you.  Choose 1 of them and draw a picture of it.  Underneath, write down some sentences about it.  

If your child usually does blue level work, they should write down what the item is. If they usually do green, they should say what the item is and why the item is special to them and if they usually do white level, then they should write down all the above and explain how they treat and look after that item. This is the introduction to our new topic in RE of Judaism and the Torah. 

The following video clip introduces a Jewish family and looks at the special items that they have in their homes.  Watch the video and the complete the activity.  Feel free to have a go at the extension too!  

Can you list the special Jewish items kept in the family’s home?  You could draw and label them. 

Extension - What extra information can you tell us about them?    


Windmill Project 

Reflect on the videos from yesterday.  Think about what you remember about the windmills. What do you think the mouse would like for his windmill? Lots of windows? Lots of doors? What colours would he like? Will it be decorated? Will there be a door number, or a house plan? 

Draw out your windmill design and label it. If you think you will find it tricky to draw a windmill, there is an example one attached that you could use.  

At the start of next week, we will be building our windmills from Monday to Wednesday. Please make sure you have readied some essential equipment to begin building. 

You will need: 

A windmill body- this could be a cardboard tube, a piece of card, a bisto can.  

A piece of card for the cone- a cut out circle made into a cone 

Turbine- cut out windmill turbine cut from paper to match your design. 

An axel to make the windmill turbine spin- a pencil, a lollipop stick, a stick, straw, pipe cleaner. 

 At school we will be doing a short session every day, but at home we appreciate you might want to do it in one longer session. So, we will send all of the instructions in one go.