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Primary School

Y2 Home Learning Thursday 7.1.21

Please find below the work and resources for Y2. 

Thursday 7.11.21


LO: To be able to write a holiday recount.  

See the PowerPoint Video attached. We would like you to write a recount about your holiday. This could be a recount of the whole holiday, or just your favourite day.

English PowerPoint Video -


Today we will be completing a mystery activity where the children will be using a number of maths skills. This will include naming shapes and knowing their properties, data handling, adding quantities of money and sequencing different numbers. The resources for the different levelled activities are attached at the end of the blog. You can print these off to answer on the sheets or you can write the answers down on paper. 

Have fun and good luck solving the mystery. 

Maths PowerPoint Video -

Links mentioned:

In addition to this, there will also be a 10 minutes maths PowerPoint, this will recap or introduce new topics for the children to have a go at outside of their normal Maths lesson.


Look around your home at everyday objects and the materials that they are made out of. The children have already identified everyday materials, so should know what they are. Write down the materials as you notice them, then go back to where you are sitting to work and write sentences about the materials and why they have been used.  

If your child usually does blue level work, they should write what an object is made out of. If they usually do green, they should say why the object has been made out of a certain material and if they usually do white level, then they should use conjunctions (but, because, so) to explain why the material has been used, but identify the material’s limitations.  


The drain cover is metal. (blue)

The drain cover is metal because metal is hard.   (green)

The drain cover is metal because metal is hard but heavy to move.  (white)

Windmill Project

This week, and next week, we will be doing a project on windmills, culminating in making a junk model windmill. Today, watch the videos below and start to think about how you will make a windmill, and what you would like it to look like. Your windmill will be for the mouse (it will make sense when you watch the second video). Tomorrow, you will design your windmill. ‘Teletubbies: Windmill episode’ on VideoLink, from 12:01 to 15:21 ‘Windmill in Amsterdam’

10 Minute Maths – Each week, we will provide you with our 10 Minute Maths PowerPoint. There are a few quick maths questions to recap or introduce new topics. We usually do this three times a week to kick-start the afternoon.

Morning PowerPoint – Each week, we will provide you with our Morning PowerPoint. It is a quick activity, that would usually be on the board in the morning, to kick-start the day.

In addition to these tasks, we have will also publish a list of daily activities and another ‘Ongoing Blog’, with a list of activities/ ideas of things that you might like to do.