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Primary School

Year 2 update

Maths week- And what we are doing in class this week.

This week is a very special week at Thrapston Primary School as we are celebrating all things Mathematical. We wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who took part in our number and pattern celebration and seeing everyone with their maths outfit was wonderful to see.

The Missing Moji:

In Year 2, we have been putting on our detective hats to use our maths skills to solve a series of clues to find the missing moji before the culprit escapes! We are working in teams to test our brains and use our heads to find the answers to many different maths questions.

Maths Poetry:  

In English, we are continuing our work on poetry and our working hard to read and recite different poems including: 'The Shopping List', 'Find me a shape' and 'My favourite number is.' We are practising using our best performing voices and reading skills to learn these poems by heart and find rhyming words and repetition in our poems.


This week in DT, we have been investigating pattern and the children are using shapes and colours to create repeating patterns. We are creating our own unique patterns that have a variety of different shapes, colours and different types of repletion.


Finally, remember we still have maths problems around the school for the children to have a go at in the windows of our classrooms whilst they are waiting to come in or during a break across the day.

If you have any questions or need to get in contact with the school do not hesitate to contact Mr North, Miss Beasley or Mrs McMurdo and Mrs Hussain. We hope you are all well and we look forward to the rest of our Maths week.