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Primary School

Y2 Ongoing Activities for Home Learning

A selection of websites or activities that link in with this term’s learning in school.

Here are a selection of websites or activities that link in with this term’s learning in school that you might like to do at home.  Please do not feel like you have to do all or any of the activities listed here (there are a lot) but they are here if you would like them particularly if your child needs to isolate at home for any length of time.  Some of the links shared here will also be used in school but many of the suggested links and activities are in addition to things that we will be doing.  If you have any questions or queries about any of the activities, then do not hesitate to contact us.


Autumn Poetry

Reading and writing, descriptive poetry about Autumn. Your children could find autumn poems online, or in books, and look at the language (adjectives, verbs, nouns) used. They could describe autumn using their five senses. 

Choose a favourite poem and learn it off by heart. Video your child doing it and send to school. 

Fact Files

We will be learning about hot and cold places in Geography, so we will be writing fact files about those places. Your child could research one hot place and one cold place, then write sentences about the physical and human features in those areas. 

Letter Writing

We will be writing letters to Santa. So, ask your children what they would like from Santa, then write a polite, formal letter asking for those things. 

Challenge: Help your child to learn your address off by heart, so that they can write it on the letter. 



Practise number bonds to 10, to 20 and 100. 

Continue to practise times tables. 

Look around your house for 2d and 3d shapes. See how many your child can find, name and describe (sides, edges, faces, vertices). 

Practise adding a 2 and a 1 digit number. 

Practise adding two 2 digit numbers. Use this website to make the numbers to help the children to add, or take away tens and ones together. 

Practise subtracting a 2 digit number from another 2 digit number. 

Learn how to tell the time on an analogue clock. 

Read and write numbers in numerals and words up to 100. 

Online Safety

As well as computing skills we will be teaching the importance of keeping safe when online.  With young children having wider access to the internet it’s important that they know how to keep themselves safe.  We use the Think You Know ‘Jessie and Friends’ resources in school.

The videos and storybooks can be found here:

Here is the link to the Parents’ information pages:

There are also lots of activities you can do at home that link to the different videos as part of their ‘Home Learning Packs’

You might also like to learn the ‘Funny Tummy’ songs in the videos and sing along at home as we are unable to do this in school at the moment.


We will be using the website/ app to learn about coding - have a look and an explore. 


Find out what pivots, levers and linkages are, and find examples around your house. How do they work? What are they made from? Why are they used? Have a go at making some out of cardboard. 


It is important to try and keep active, however if you are isolating and therefore unable to get outdoors to exercise here are some useful websites to offer some home exercise activities.

Boogie Beebies with Oti -

Cosmic Yoga - OR

PE with Joe -


Choose an animal to research and find out about the food chain. What does it eat? What eats it? Draw a food chain - starting with the sun. 

Look at materials around the home. What are different items made out of? Look at the spoons in your house. Why do we have metal, wooden and plastic spoons?

Useful Websites Free to set up and account and a great way to practise phonic reading skills. It is progressive so will get gradually harder with more practise. Lots of games that look at phonics, comprehension and punctuation skills. Games for word reading and phonic skills. A wide range of games to play that cover a range of word reading, phonics, spelling and comprehension skills. For an extra challenge this covers a range of reading, spelling and punctuation skills all in one go! Phonics videos and activities. Alphablocks is a great support for phonics.  If you are unsure of phonics at home this is a great way to support your child as it uses the sounds in the same way that we teach the children in school. This has lots of games to practise number facts. Maths games, to be played competitively online. Lots of other maths games covering different areas of Maths, this link will take you to lots of counting activities but there are others for shape, addition and subtraction and more.