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Primary School

Y2 Ongoing Activities

Here are some other links you might like to look at over the half term holidays or at any other point for a bit of variety.  Obviously, anything else you find to do is great.  Please share these things with us too, it’s great to inspire others with the different things that people are doing at home. 

Online Safety – If you want to look at some activities linked to the Jessie & Friends stories that the children have heard before there are some home learning activities here: 


For some additional phonics/reading/SPAG activities the ‘Small Town Superheroes’ game on the BBC Bitesize page is good fun to play: 

Sally & Percy – Phonics 

Ernie – Sentences, prefixes and suffixes, punctuation. 

Ena – Compound words and tricky words. 

Annie – Spelling including tricky words and same sound but different spelling. 

Ursula – Reading focus, including comprehension activities. 

Steve – Tricky word endings, contractions and homophones. 


The British Library have suggested making tiny children’s book.  There are some great instructions here for how to do it as well as other children’s book related activities you might enjoy: 


BBC Super Movers – Some active videos with a learning focus that you might like to try: 


With children spending more time using computers they might like to have a go at this touch typing game 


TedEd Earth School - A lovely collection of quest videos celebrating the natural world: 


A great range of activities looking at healthy eating, food preparation and keeping active 


Freya has enjoyed taking part in the Astro Science challenges, earning badges for carrying out missions.  It’s aimed at 7-11 year olds and you can still get involved here: 

She has also enjoyed the scouts first aid course videos, which you can watch here:   

Stage 1:  

Stage 2:  


Everybody Worries story: If you are concerned about your child and their worries about coronavirus, this short story, might stimulate conversation that might help ease their worries. 


Albert and Social Distancing Story: Another story related to the current situation. This one will reassure children about social distancing. See the attachment below.  


Get a Blue Peter Badge: Some of the children in Year 2 have earned themselves Blue Peter Badges. Have a look at the website to see how you could get one! 


Vehicle Movie: Have you seen this video? You could use your seaside vehicle to make your own video, a video to send to LandRover UK (this would have to be done from home, with adult permission), or if us teachers get sent enough clips, we will make our very own Y2 mini vehicle video.  


Did you see Esme’s awesome stop frame lego animation? 

The APP that she used is called ‘Stop Motion Studio’ which you can download here: 

Android Play store - 

Apple App Store -