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Year Two News

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  • Y2 Ongoing Home Activities

    Published 01/04/20
    Here is a reminder of our expectations, in term time – if daily expectations are all you can fit in then these should be prioritised:    Daily Expectations  (in term time) ·    &
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  • Y2 Home Learning 1.4.20

    Published 01/04/20
    Whilst school is closed, we plan to send a new ‘Home Learning’ document every Wednesday. However, as Friday (3rd) is supposed to be the start of the Easter Holidays, we are only setting a little bit of work and will resume again afte
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  • Y2 Mrs McMurdo's Tongue Twister Challenge.

    Published 01/04/20

    Can you say the tongue twister quicker than Mrs Mc without getting in a pickle. Can you find any other tongue twisters you can say. Maybe you can record yourself and send them in to share with year 2.

    Use the safe link below to watch.


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  • Y2 Storytime Part 3

    Published 31/03/20

    Some more chapters from the story, written by David Walliams and read by Mrs Evans, from another different location in her house! I wonder where she'll read from next?!

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  • Y2 Storytime Part 2

    Published 30/03/20

    The next instalments of The Midnight Gang written by David Walliams and told by Mrs Evans.

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  • Y2 Storytime

    Published 27/03/20
    The Hedgehog Class have been reading this book in class, but have only got halfway!  Mrs Evans has started from the beginning again, recording chapters of the story so you can watch from the beginning or wait until we catch up to where we lef
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  • Y 2 Times table practise sheets

    Published 25/03/20

    These sheets are for practise of times tables for X2, X5 and X10

    These can be printed to practise on. You may want to glue them in green home working books.

    Or you may just want to ask the questions verbally to practise.

    Children are aiming to answer all 25 multiplications in 2 minutes 30 seconds or less.

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  • Year 2 - 25.3.20 Home Learning

    Published 25/03/20

    Working together - at distance. 

    We all got together on a video call to plan some more activities to add to the blog below! It may not surprise some of you that we were on for 3 hours! (It was mainly Mrs McMurdo talking...)

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  • Y2 Home Learning Starter

    Published 19/03/20
    Home Learning Plan - Year 2 We have compiled a list of expectations and activities for you to do during this home-learning time. We will regularly update the blog with more learning activities. We have sent the children home with a green exerci
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  • Settling into Year 2!

    Published 18/09/19
    All of the children in Year 2 have settled in really well, it's like they've been in Year 2 for ages!  The children are working very hard and they are tackling the challenges of Year 2 well.  Keep up the good work Hedgehogs and Squi
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  • Welcome to Year 2!

    Published 05/09/19
    We have had a lovely first few days with the children, settling them into Year 2.  They are already working really hard and we are pleased with the positive start the children have made to the year. We have been thinking about what
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