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Primary School

Yr 1 Week 3 Home Learning - Astronauts!

For this weeks home learning we are  going to become astronauts and go on an adventure in space!

We suggest that you start your week by reading the story “Back to Earth with a Bump” from twinkl. The E-book is attached below.

We have attached some ideas for how to use the story below. Some activities will help with English and Maths such as “A postcard from space” and the maths puzzle. There are some activities that can be printed and other ideas that do not need a printer. These activities are starting points – please feel free to try other activities and see where your child’s imagination takes them! We would love to hear about any of your ideas or experiences - send us any photos you would like us to share too. 

Here are some  activities for you to try:

  • What 10 things would you take to space with you? Can you write them in a list? Choose one or two items and explain why you have chosen to take them with you.
  • Retell the story by acting it out
  • Solve the maths problems to reveal a hidden space picture
  • Write a postcard from space. You might want to include where you have been and what you have seen.
  • Talk about the differences between day and night. Play the day and night sorting game.
  • Use 2D shapes to draw a rocket. Can you use at least 3 different shapes? Label the shapes with their names. For an extra challenge can you spot a right angle?
  • Have a go at space yoga.