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Primary School

Y1 Pirates continued 29.4.20

We hope you have been enjoying the pirate themed activities that we have suggested for you this week. Here are a few more to keep you busy.

We are missing you all lots and lots and have been amazed by all the new skills you are learning. Keep up the great work! - have a look at the different money games on Top Marks. is Miss Porch’s favourite! Which game is your favourite to play?


If you have a piggy bank that can be easily opened you could have a look at the different coins. Talk about the shapes, colours and any writing or marks on them that you can see.

Can you sort the coins? Maybe you choose to do this by colour or by value.


Lay some coins out in front of you, name them and feel them. Put them down and your grown-up could mix them up whilst you close your eyes. Keeping your eyes closed pick up a coin, feel it carefully and guess what it is. How did you know?


You could roll a dice and have a go at making that amount using the coins that you have. You could even roll two dice as an extra challenge! How many different ways can you make the same amount?


Create a shop by labelling your toys and games. Invite siblings or your grown-ups to come and buy some things. Remember, if you are the shop keeper you will need to work out how much money your customer owes you and how much change they need.


Pay for your snacks and drinks over the day. Watch and join in with this Pirate subitising and positional language video.

Design a pirate treasure map, then create some questions for someone else to read - remember to include positional language. See the thumbnail for an example.

What animal is to the left of the pirate ship?

What is sitting on top of the rock?

What are the seahorses in between of?  - Learn this pirate song. Can you come up with any other versions? E.g.

When I was one I ate a bun, the day I went to sea…

When I was two I ate a chew, the day I went to sea…

When I was three I needed a wee, the day I went to sea….  - Join in with this pirate yoga, maybe you could come up with your own yoga routine in the garden and share it with your siblings or grown-ups.