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Primary School

Yr 1 Week 2 Home learning- Arrghh Pirates!- 27.4.20

This weeks home learning is based on Pirates! So all aboard you salty sea dogs, all hands on deck because we are going on a learning adventure!

We suggest that you start by reading the story 'Jakes First Day' from twinkl. The PDF and E- book are attached below. 

The options of what you can do is then open to you imagination. 

Attached below are some ideas for how to use the story- we suggest you use some of the ideas we have attached below as starting points for your child's learning. There are some activities that can be printed out or other ideas that do not need a printer.

Some of the ideas help with English and Maths Such as 'being a pirate for a day' and creating a treasure map - grid referencing but we are sure there are many creative possibilities. Please feel free to share any of your ideas or experiences with us or other parents. 

  • Make a treasure map.
  • Dress up like a pirate. 
  • Retell the story by acting it out.
  • Create a piece of music (sea shanty) with empty bottles, spoons, pots pans etc. 
  • Prepare and cook fish fingers. 
  •  Make a pirate ship using any materials around the house. Test if it floats in the paddling pool, bath or sink. 
  •  - Learn this pirate song. Can you come up with any other versions?

E.g. When I was one I ate a bun, the day I went to sea…

      When I was two I ate a chew, the day I went to sea…

      When I was three I needed a wee, the day I went to sea….