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Primary School

Y1 Week 1 learning - MONSTERS! 21.4.20

Our theme for this week is Monsters. 

We suggest you start by reading the story "A Monsters Surprise" from the Twinkl website or open the pdf attached below. 

The options of what you can do is then open to your imagination. 

Attached below is some ideas for how to use the story - we suggest you use the Ideas for Learning document as a starting point and then choose the activities that suit you and your child. There are some activities that can be printed out or other ideas that do not need a printer. 

Some of the ideas help with English and Maths - there is a cooking activity (essential shopping for ingredients only!) But we are sure there could be some additional creative ideas developed - feel free to bounce ideas off each other by sharing your experiences. 

  • make a map
  • paint a monster picture
  • make a model of a monster - can you use egg boxes / paper plates / tissue box / toilet roll tubes / stones / lollypop sticks / fabric............anything else?
  • dress yourself up as a monster
  • make a monster and her friends out of lego
  • retell the story by acting it out
  • list the characters and what they liked to eat

Some of the sheets have different levelled sheets indicated by the number of stars on them - start with the 1 star questions and if you child is ready move onto the 2 or 3 star activities - don't worry the answers are in the documents too!

Good luck and have fun!

Year 1 team.