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Primary School

Y1 Welcome back

Welcome back to our summer term in Year 1. 

We hope you have had a great Easter break and thank you for any emails and pictures you have sent us over the break. 

We will be continuing with setting you some activities to do at home - please remember these are for guidance of suggested learning opportunities - if you wish to work on other projects to share with us or expand on something we have set feel free. 

For this term we will be having a themed week each week - there will be a set of activities set at the beginning of the week, with some top up Maths and English tasks as the week goes on. We may add extra suggestions as we see what you come up with and we are flexible in where  you take your child's learning. 

Today (20th April)  was due to be a training day but we will send out the ideas for this week in case you want to make an early start - no obligation!

Please continue to send us your photos and examples of their work. We will have a gallery for each 'mini-topic' and all the teachers will add to them as they come in.

We are also still able to share pictures of reading and rainbows.