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Primary School

Y1 Art through science tasks 27.3.20

Today looks like another sunny day so why not get into the garden, or put toys on your windowsill and try to draw the shadows they make? 

Leave the toys where they are and see what happens as the day goes on - do they change in any way? Can you or your adult explain why they are changing? Do you know how shadows are made? 

Send us some of your pictures so we can add them to our gallery - we'd love to see how you are all doing. 


Another job for you is to think abut colours and how they are made. This clip shows you one way to make all the colours of the rainbow. Can you explore making different colours in some way - paint, chalks, food colouring, play dough, overlaying coloured paper.....or maybe you can think of a different way? Send us photos of what you have made.

Can you explain primary and secondary colours to your adult? 


We hope you have been able to enjoy a bit of the nice weather this week, please remember you can email us any questions or updates as to how you are to -