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Primary School

Y 1 Home learning Overview

During the closed period of school we will be setting work for your child to do at home. 

The first document below outlines the general activities we would suggest your child can complete while at home. As a team we will add to this blog regularly with further activities during this period of closure. Your child has come home with a blank excercise book but feel free to record their learning in any way that is appropriate. We are happy to receive photos of things they have been doing and if you give permission we may be able to share some of these on the future blogs. 

The second document contains some weblinks and the third has the common exception words - Year one and two to extend those children who know the Y1 words. 

If your child displays a rainbow in your window and you would like that to be added to our school gallery please email it to Mrs Charles below. 

We would like to remind you that your child may pick up on some uncertainty from adults at this time and whilst we hope you are able to encourage them to build on the amazing learning they have already covered in Year 1 we also want them to have a balanced time during this period. The activities are not an exhaustive list and you may choose to do other learning activities in addition or as an alternative. We are here to give you the guidance and the confidence to work with your child. 

Finally we would like to thank you for the support and kind words during the recent unsettled times. If you need further support or direction feel free to email us and we will respond within an appropriate period of time. 

Dragonflies - Mrs Charles

Dragonflies - Mrs Bromley

Fireflies - Miss Porch

Bumblebees - Miss Smith