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Primary School

Science lesson on germs!

Year 1 have been learning about how to minimise the spread of germs (this lesson was planned a long time ago for those who saw it on social media this week!)

First their teachers demonstrated how germs could so easily be spread by covering their hands with glitter and doing everyday tasks around the classroom - the glitter was all over the computers, the pens and books, door handles and even their faces!!

They then showed the children a bowl of water with black pepper floating on the top and how when you put your finger in; the 'germs' cling to the finger. This represented children who only wash their hands with water - the germs can stay on your hand. 

We then dipped our fingers into some liquid soap and tried again - all the pepper was repelled from the soapy finger so no germs were left. This was a very visual experiment for the children (if you haven't seen it - try it at home.) and they all were persuaded of the 'super' powers of soap. 

We also sang a few hand washing songs and practised the routine that is displayed in our toilet areas to ensure thorough cleaning.