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Primary School

Year 1 update

Media Crew update about Y1 learning February 2020


This term, Year 1 are learning about the exiting yet devastating historical event that was the titanic [yes it’s not just a movie]. The three classes have made some wonderful displays to decorate their classrooms, which discuss the iceberg, the ship’s architecture and why the titanic might have sank and whose fault it was, if it was anyone’s.


 Year 1 also have an exciting topic planned for their D.T work. They’re learning about different textiles and fabric variations, in preparation to create fabric faces: a collage made of an array of different fabrics, that will [hopefully!] resemble a human face – and look fabulous!


The excitement doesn’t stop there! I.T is also something to be looking forward to, because Year 1 will be making their very own power-points. They’ll also be linking back to their cool, new history topic by making their power-points about the titanic. Teachers hope Year 1 will enjoy learning all about power-points and how to make them, why they’re used, and who uses them.


Media crew - M.B. & O.B.