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Primary School

Commendations KS1 3.12.21

Congratulations to this week's award winners in Year 1.

Please enter some content for your news story here.The children who received a Commendation Award this week were:

Ladybirds- George, for trying really hard in his writing, listening more independently to hear the sounds he needs to write in words. He also helped another child when they were struggling with their Science task, without being asked. 

Bumblebees- Rayah, for trying hard in all of her work but especially Maths, having a go independently and showing her working out means that she is getting lots of answers correct. Well done!

Dragonflies- Scarlett: For her excellent handwriting in her Science book (Commendation)


The children who received a Confetti Award this week were: 

Bumblebees- Isla for offering her friendship to another child who was lonely on the playground. So thoughtful, well done. 

Dragonflies- Leyton: For being kind to another child on the playground when playing a game. 

Congratulations to all the other children that won reading and class dojo awards too!