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Primary School

Y1 Dinosaur Sighting!

You may have heard the exciting news that dinosaurs were sighted on the school field this weekend!

In English Year 1 have been learning about newspaper reports.  Last week we were asked to report for the Fairy Tale Times on the events surrounding some broken furniture and missing porridge at a cottage belonging to bears. 

This week we have decided to start our own TPS Times newspaper to report on the events from the weekend.  Below is the video captured of the dinosaur sighting on the school field.  Today we have been writing headlines for our report.  Some of them include:

Dinosaurs at school!

Dinosaurs on school field!

Dinosaurs frighten teachers!


We have some eye-witness statements from lots of adults who were involved in the events from the weekend, which we will be using to complete our report throughout the week.


Dinosaur sighting captured on video: