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Primary School

Y1 Birdwatching

In our Science we have been learning about plants, including trees.  This week we have started to learn about animals, starting with birds.

This week we have been birdwatching.  We have to be really quiet when watching for birds and we have to look really carefully at the different colour feathers to identify the different birds.  We have been completing bird spotter and tally sheets to help us.  If you would like to do some birdwatching at home then we have added the sheets to this blog which you can print or use for reference.  We have also added some pictures of common birds that are in colour, thanks to Twinkl for the resource. 


If you would like to make your own bird feeder at home to attract more birds then here are some different ones you might like to try making:


We look forward to hearing about the birds you spot around your homes.