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Primary School

Blog 22.2.21

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Monday 22nd February 2021


English – Live Online session 9:00 – 10:30

LO: To be able to make inferences on the basis of what is being said and done.

I can answer questions which I can find the answers to.

I can make some inferences based on what has been read and the pictures.

I can clarify meaning, explaining why I think something.


Use the attached story question prompt sheet to discuss the book before, during and after reading.

Here is a link to the story:

There is also a PowerPoint version of the story attached below that you can read as well.



LO: To be able compare lengths.

I can understand what longer and shorter than mean.

I can compare objects that are different lengths.

I can use the correct vocabulary when comparing objects. 

I can identify which object is the shortest or longest.


Starter: Play ‘Let’s compare’ length game.


Main: Watch teaching video to help support with using length vocabulary to compare objects of different lengths.


Find a cup, a spoon and a piece of paper order them from shortest to longest.

Find a fork, water bottle and a toy. Order them from the longest to the shortest.



Look around your house and garden for objects that are longer than a pen.

Look around your house and garden for objects that are shorter than a pen.


What was the longest object you found?

What was the shortest object you found?


How did you compare the length of the objects?


Phonics –

Your child should know which group they go to for phonics. If they are unsure, please contact us and we will let you know.  Below are the sounds that the children can practice next using some of the links below.

You should have been emailed the link for the live session for your child’s group.  If you do not have this then please contact their class teacher and they will send you the correct link as each link is different for each group.

Phonics Play login details – Username: Thrapston Password: Thrapston

Please see the attached document with today’s tasks.


RE – LO. To be able learn about a special story from the Torah.

I can listen carefully to the story of Moses.

I can discuss what happens in the story.

I can record why this story is important to Jewish people.   


  1. Watch and listen to the narrated PowerPoint  ‘Moses and the story of Passover’
  2. Discuss the main parts of the story complete a picture story board with 4- 6 pictures. If you wish to print this document is attached to the blog.
  3. Complete the sentence: This story is important to Jewish people because..