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Primary School

Y1 Home Learning Tuesday 9.2.21

Here are the Year 1 tasks for Tuesday 9.2.21.

Maths – Live Online session 9:00 – 10:30

L.O. To be able to compare numbers within 50.

I can use ><= by counting pictures.

I can identify if a statement is true or false by adding and comparing numbers.

I can use the correct mathematical language when comparing.

I can solve comparing number problems.


Starter: Watch song, encourage counting up and down to 50 with Jack Hartmann.

Try to count forward and back within 50 from different numbers.

Play number comparing game.

Main: Watch the teaching video to help support the learning of comparing amounts to 50. 

Please find the Maths activities attached to the blog.


English –

LO: To be able to explain clearly what has been read to me.

I can answer questions with many multiple choice options.

I can use inference to say how characters might be feeling.

I can use examples in the text to demonstrate my understanding.


Using the documents attached below read the polar animal fact file.  You only need to read the appropriate colour level document before answering the questions following the link to the quiz below, so only choose one colour level.  The children should know which is the right one for them.  You can read the document to your child for this task, particularly if they struggle to read it themselves (they are quite long!) as the objective is to understand what has been read to them.

Please be aware that where children are asked to give a written answer in their own words, the computer only recognises correct answers if they are in the exact format that we’ve inputted, which includes spaces, spelling and punctuation.  Whilst we endeavour to think of different possible answers, we do not always cover them all, however we will be checking the children’s responses, as we do with all forms and quizzes sent out, to see how they have got on and updating our records accordingly.


Yellow/Blue Questions:


Green Questions:


White Questions:


Phonics –

Your child should know which group they go to for phonics. If they are unsure, please contact us and we will let you know.  Below are the sounds that the children can practice next using some of the links below.

Phonics Play login details – Username: Thrapston Password: Thrapston

Please see the attached document with today’s tasks.



Music -  This week, due to popular demand we will explore another lesson on pulse based  from Oak National Academy.  It is still focusing on pulse but we will be looking at how sound patterns fit into a pulse, exploring different forms of pulse and how we can represent pulse in a song.  See what you think, you can access the lesson here.