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Primary School

Y1 Home Learning Monday 8.2.21

Here are the home learning tasks for Year 1 for Monday 8.2.21.

Maths – Live Online session 9:00 – 10:30

LO: To be able compare objects up to 50. 

I can compare object by counting pictures.

I can compare objects by using tens frames.

I can complete tens frames correctly when comparing.

I can complete comparing number sentences using amounts given.


Starter: Play more than and less than game.


Main: Watch teaching video to help support with the learning of comparing numbers to 50.  

Please see Maths activities attached to the blog.


English –

LO: To be able to use the spelling rule for plurals adding -s.

I know that a noun is an object.

I know that one is singular and more than one is plural.

I can add -s to words to make them plural.

I can use singular or plural words in a sentence correctly.

I am beginning to understand the rule for adding -es to a word when it is plural.



Watch the nouns song -


Watch the teaching video here:


Tasks: Children should all complete at least the Green activity before moving onto the Pink/White.  Children finding it more of a challenge or needing further support should start with Yellow or Blue.  Completing all colour tasks is not necessary, children should know which colours they would start with and be expected to complete in school.


Yellow – Watch the nouns PowerPoint and complete the noun hunt activity.


Blue – Complete the plurals activity.


Green – Complete the plurals activity attached.


Pink – Using your plural nouns from the green activity add them into sentences.


White – Complete the plurals activity attached.  Optional – add the words into sentences.


Useful further links/videos:


Plurals adding -s song:

Plurals adding -es video:



Phonics –

Your child should know which group they go to for phonics. If they are unsure, please contact us and we will let you know.  Below are the sounds that the children can practice next using some of the links below.

Phonics Play login details – Username: Thrapston Password: Thrapston

Please see the attached document with today’s tasks.


PSHE- L.O: To be able to identify obstacles and work out how to overcome them.

This week we will be taking some time to think about obstacles that might get in the way of our learning and how we can overcome them.  Please find attached a link for your child to take part in a Yoga session, instead of monster meditation today.

Yoga Link.

Watch video for guidance: