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Primary School

Y1 Home Learning Friday 22.1.21

Here are the Year 1 tasks for Friday 22.1.21

Maths – Live Online session 9:00 – 10:30

LO: To be able to add by making 10.

I can add by making 10 using tens frames.

I can add my making 10 using part whole models.

I can solve problems when making 10 and adding.  


Starter: Do the ten dance song to practise number bonds to 10.

Main: Use teaching video to help support the learning of adding by making 10   

Please see the document attached with today's tasks.



English –

LO: To be able to write a fiction story.

(See the attached checklist to help you with your success criteria.)

You can watch the teaching video here:  

Then using your plan write your story.

Yellow – 1 sentence for each picture.  An adult at home may write this out for you to copy if needed – try to use your sounds to help them too though!

Blue – At least 1 sentence to tell each part of the story.  You should try to write this yourself!

Green/Pink – Write your story in order using more than 1 sentence per picture.  Look at the checklist to make sure you are challenging yourself!

White – Write  your story in order using as many sentences as you need to but definitely more than 1 per picture.  Use the checklist to make sure you are challenging yourself too!


Phonics –

Your child should know which group they go to for phonics. If they are unsure, please contact us and we will let you know.  Below are the sounds that the children can practice next using some of the links below.

Phonics Play login details – Username: Thrapston Password: Thrapston

Please see the attached document for today’s tasks.


PE –

This week you can choose from the following activities for your PE depending on what you feel like doing the most!

Joe Wicks – Try these 3 fun workouts to burn off some energy! (Spiderman) (Batman) (Froggy)


Go Noodle – If you’d prefer a dance workout!


Or Cosmic Yoga – If you’d like a calmer end to the week! (Frozen) (Rockets)


Independent Learning –

The children would normally have some independent learning time at the end of a Friday afternoon, they know this as ‘Golden Time’.  We feel that it is important to re-introduce this for the children working at home too, so that they know they have some designated time in their timetable allocated to activities that they really enjoy.  You could even use this as an incentive at home, building up ‘Golden Time’ through the week or planning a certain activity that the children would really like to do in this ‘session’.

It might be model building, colouring, role play, small world play with characters, being active, playing games, baking, crafts or something else completely. 

We would love to hear how the children are choosing to spend this time they have earnt for all their hard work through the week.  We welcome any pictures that you might like to share with us.