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Primary School

Y1 Home Learning 12.1.21

Here are the activities for Year 1 for Tuesday 12th January.

We hope that by posting them now this will help you to feel more organised in the morning and to help you plan out your day.

English – Live Online session 9:00 – 10:30

LO: To be able to order the events of the story.

I can order some events using pictures.

I can order most events using pictures.

I can order all events using pictures.

I can record a sentence/sentences to describe an event.


Re-read/listen to the story using one of the links below:

Mrs Evans reading the story – Lost and Found  

Miss Smith reading the story – Lost and Found

Watch this animation clip of the story -

Teaching video:

You might like to listen to this sentence song -


Maths – L.O: To be able to count 1 more 1 less.

SC: I can add 1 more and 1 less to an amount.

     I can use more than and less than to describe an amount.

    I can apply 1 more and 1 less to answer word problems. 


Starter: Play video this is a song to show your child 1 more and 1 less using a number line.


Main Teaching: Use video to go through activities with your child pause if and when necessary. Your child can either answer verbally or record on a piece of paper.   if this doesn’t work please use this teaching video:

See the document attached with the tasks for today.

Use or print the number line attached below to help support your child with counting one more and one less.


Phonics –

Your child should know which group they go to for phonics. If they are unsure, please contact us and we will let you know.  Below are the sounds that the children can practice next using some of the links below.

Phonics Play login details – Username: Thrapston Password: Thrapston

Please see the attached document for the phonics tasks, which will last for the week.  You can do these daily to repeat them or spread them out across the week once the sound has been introduced.


RE –

L.O. To be know what the Torah is and why it is special to Jewish people.

I can identify the Torah as Judaism’s special book.

I can name some of the features of the Torah.

I can write a fact with in a sentence about the Torah.


1.Watch the video using this link.

2. Read through the power point named The Torah. (Attached below)

3. Draw the Torah and write a fact about the Torah in a sentence.


Music -  L.O: To be able to use your body to find the pulse of a song.

This term we are starting a new unit in Music.  Today we will begin by exploring a new song. We will be using our bodies explore the pulse, give our own opinion on the song, identify the style of song and begin to sing the song and perform it.

Click here to watch the video guidance and ‘interesting’ singing: