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Primary School

Y1 Introduction to Term 3!

Hello Year 1!

What a strange start to 2021. 

We are looking forward to welcoming some of the children into school tomorrow.  For those children at home we hope that you will be able to join us for our online lessons via TEAMs, details of this will have been emailed out to you with your link to join.  We would recommend you download the TEAMs app, you do not need a login for this, it will just open the app when you click the link as opposed to the internet browser.  If you have any questions or queries please get in contact and we will do our very best to support you.  Please do bear with us, this will be a new experience for us and the children and we fully anticipate, when using technology, that things might not always go to plan.  We will be sending out invitations/meeting links to the email you received your child’s report to.  If this has since changed or you would prefer us to use an alternative email address, then please let us know promptly this evening to get tomorrow’s link emailed, otherwise we will use the current email address and any alternative addresses will then receive the link in time for the Friday session.

With the online session we will be spending some time each day discussing the tasks children have done at home and allowing them some ‘social’ time. We will then deliver either an English or Maths focussed activity each day.  Before the end of the session we will give children an overview of the other tasks that will be set on the blog.  We aim to upload the daily activities soon after finishing the live lessons.  If your child is unable to join the live session the task will still be available for them to do, with supporting clips or links.  If children joined the live lesson, they will not need to repeat this.  It is quite a long session and we will build in some short activities or breaks so that the children get some screen breaks in through the session.

Below is a rough plan of what we will be covering in school and sending home for the rest of this week indicating the live sessions.  You will see on the daily blog tomorrow that we have set phonic activities aimed at the different phonic groups.  If your child is unsure which group they are in please contact us and we will let you know.  With the session 4 and 5 activities you may prefer to only choose one of those in a day, depending on how long your child has been working or your own home circumstances.  We do not want anyone to feel pressured by the amount available, as before, do what you can, however we are required to set you at least 3 hours worth of activities.


Session 1 – Live Online

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5






Daily Phonics











Daily Phonics








Any feedback you have regarding the work or sessions will be gratefully received to enable us to provide something that works well for our children and their families. We also look forward to any emails with work you or your child might wish to share with us that’s been completed at home.  We will aim to respond to you as soon as possible.  If your child is a Dragonfly, please could you ensure both Mrs Evans and Miss Meehan are included in your email and then one of them will get back to you, as they share the days of the week when they are in school.

Email addresses:

Miss Smith – Bumblebee –

Mrs Evans – Dragonfly –

Miss Meehan – Dragonfly –

If you are struggling with any resources, such as paper, pencils etc or using the internet to access tasks please contact the Pastoral Support Team by emailing Mrs Webb on:    

Many Thanks,

Year 1 Team