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Primary School

Y1 Phonics - Blending

Once your child has learnt all of their single sounds the next step in reading is blending these together.  This can be quite tricky.  Our blog below offers some suggestions for ways you can help with blending to read.

A good way to first practice blending with your child is for you to sound out the words.  So if they have sounded out the word but they're struggling to blend it together sound it out to them and see if they can blend it when you sound it out.  Model sounding it out quicker and quicker to see if they can hear the word.  

This video may help with demonstrating what this might look like for you at home:

The Alphablocks is also a great way to model this, you can watch this online at: and this video is around 20 minutes long but is a good introduction and pace:

Here are just a few videos, websites with games or activities that might help:

If you have any questions or queries regarding phonics please feel free to speak to any member of the team.

Many Thanks, 

Year 1 Team