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Primary School

Y1 Phonics - Part 1

In Year 1 we have daily phonics sessions.  We will be posting a series of blogs with ways you can help your children at home, particularly with recognising digraphs and trigraphs.

We'd like to encourage the children to be digraph and trigraph detectives when they read.  So instead of sounding out the individual sounds all the time they are recognising the sounds where 2 or 3 letters are used together to make 1 sound.  We will be making a series of blogs focussing on different sounds each time.

With each sound there are video links that will help to explain each sound as well as offering some practise.  There are some general links at the bottom for activities too.  However we'd really like you to encourage your children to look out for these sounds in their home reading books most of all.  Any questions please email or speak to one of the Year 1 Team.

ai  and

ee  and

igh  and  and

oa  and  and

oo  and and


Here is a Mrs Evans Quiz for you to practise with!


Some game/activity links you might like to use for additional practice alongside reading at home: (Choose Phase 3 and one of the sounds above.  Then click the 3 dots at the bottom of the sound card and flashcards will be produced to practise reading from)

If you find any other really good online activities please feel free to share them with us so we can let others know too!

Many Thanks, 

Year 1 Team