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Primary School

Y1 Maths Week

This week in school we have been enjoying celebrating Maths Week!

The children loved dressing up for Maths Day on Monday as well as carrying out all sorts of Maths based learning.  Look out for our Gallery post at the end of the week to see what we've been up to.

In English on Monday we shared the story 'Spinderella' which you can also watch here:  In the story Spinderella wants to learn all about numbers because she thinks they're important.  She learns with the children and teaches the other spiders how to use numbers to make things fair.  Where else do we see numbers?  How are they important to the children?  What numbers can they find around the home?  How many different places will you find them in?

We also did a special art lesson.  Last term we explored and manipulated materials to create ‘frottage’ or ripping paper for a purpose. On Monday the children experimented with strips of paper to create straight lines and curves.  In class the children have been continuing to work on their addition skills, including recall of number bonds.  The children used their art knowledge and understanding to help them explore lines and curves using a range of art and maths vocabulary.

This is a great game for practising speed of recall with number bonds to 10 and 20 as well as addition and subtraction facts within 10 or 20.  It is tablet friendly as well.  Visit or search for Hit the Button.

As part of our Geography and Science we are also thinking about the months of the year and the seasons.  Here are a couple of links to some songs we have shared in class that the children enjoy joining in with.: - Seasons - Months

Please try to help the children practise the order of the days of the week and the months of the year at home.  They could identify which months of the year family members have their birthday and which season this falls in as well.  Is there a season that has the most birthdays in it?  

We're really pleased with how enthusuastic the children are about their maths work.  Well done Year 1!