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Primary School

Y1 Some Activities and Updates

This week we have welcomed Miss Hourd to the Year 1 team.  She is a teaching assistant working mainly in the Dragonfly Class.  Her picture will be added to the blog as soon as we can.

In Science, we have been talking about our senses and thinking about which parts of our body are used for different senses.  This week we have been thinking about ears and our sense of hearing.  We have watched this video in class to help us learn about the different parts of the ear.  We think our ears are very clever!  

As we can't test our sense of taste quite as easily at school we have challenged the children to see if they can taste something that they have never tried before.  Please feel free to email us with anything that the children have tried and whether they liked it or not.  

Next term in Science we will be using our senses to explore things further and one of these weeks we will focus on music.  We will be making our own instruments.  We would like to collect: bottle tops, cardboard tubes and plastic pots/containers.  We will need to quarantine items before we can use them, therefore we will have a collection container for them and ask that all items are brought in by Friday 20th November at the latest in order for us to be able to use them.

Here is another Maths quiz that you can try at home to help practise ordering numbers. Well done to those of you that have tried these already, we hope you are finding them fun and helping your learning.

In English this week we have been acting our the story of The 3 Billy Goats Gruff.  The children did this brilliantly and have really enjoyed the story.  We were particularly impressed with their 'audience' skills, while they listened and enjoyed each others performances. 

Some great links for practising English skills and reading comprehension can be found here if you'd like to have a go at them:

If you have any parent feedback forms still please could you get them sent in to us as soon as possible.  

Many Thanks, 

Year 1 Team