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Y1 Ongoing Activities

Here are a selection of websites or activities that link in with this Term’s learning in school that you might like to do at home.  Please do not feel like you have to do all or any of the activities listed here (there are a lot) but they are here if you would like them, particularly if your child needs to isolate at home for any length of time.  Some of the links shared here will also be used in school but many of the suggested links and activities are in addition to things that we will be doing.  If you have any questions or queries about any of the activities, then do not hesitate to contact us.


English –

In English we will be looking a labels, captions and instructions to begin with.  You could encourage your child to give instructions practising their ‘bossy’ verbs.

We will be using phonics to help spelling words and remembering to put spaces between our words. As well as this we will be thinking about where to use a capital letter and full stop.  We will also be practising handwriting, starting and finishing letters in the correct place, moving in the right direction and working on the size of letters. Attached at the bottom of this blog are some sheets you could use for guidance or to print out if you have access to a printer.

Here are some useful links to games, activities and videos that might be useful to use at home too. Free to set up and account and a great way to practise phonic reading skills. It is progressive so will get gradually harder with more practise. Lots of games that look at phonic, comprehension and punctuation skills. Games for word reading and phonic skills. A wide range of games to play that cover a range of word reading, phonics, spelling and comprehension skills. For an extra challenge this covers a range of reading, spelling and punctuation skills all in one go! Phonics videos and activities. Alphablocks is a great support for phonics.  If you are unsure of phonics at home this is a great way to support your child as it uses the sounds in the same way that we teach the children in school.


Maths –

This term we are focussing on accurate counting of objects and place value, looking at the number order.  Encourage your child to count out loud forwards and backwards. Counting objects around the home. We will be thinking about how numbers can be represented in different way, e.g. using a digit, the written number, with objects, on a dice, on our fingers and any others.  We will be thinking about the order of numbers starting with 1 more and 1 less than a number.  Then thinking about 3 more or less and so on.  We will be using written methods for recording this using + and =.  We will also be encouraging the correct formation of numbers, attached at the bottom of this blog is a sheet for guidance or to print if you are able to.

Here are some links to videos, games and activities that you might like to look at or try at home: This game links really well with the Maths we are doing in school this term.  There are games looking at ordering, counting, counting out from a group and more or less. Good for practising counting and recognising numerals and numbers written in words.  Number ordering and sequencing games with different levels of difficulty. Lots of other maths games covering different areas of Maths, this link will take you to lots of counting activities but there are others for shape, addition and subtraction and more. A song video which demonstrates representing numbers in different ways.  Jack Hartman has lots of other songs that the children might enjoy singing along to at home looking at counting, adding and other number skills. Lots of different Maths games covering a range of different skills. Good for practising number bonds. Short videos covering lots of different number concepts.


Science –

In Science we are finding out about the human body.  We have shared the story ‘Funnybones’ with the children to introduce this.

You can watch a variety of Funnybones stories at the links below: The Pet Shop Bumps in the Night Give the Dog a Bone Dinosaurs

The BBC website link below has information and a quiz about the human body:

As well as the body we will be thinking about the senses.  The link below has some information and a quiz linked to this:

Attached at the bottom of this blog are also some senses experiments/activities you might like to do at home.


History –

In history we will be learning about significant people in the past.  This will include finding out about famous people that the children know.  What makes someone famous?

This website has a large number of clips about significant people.  You could choose to find out about any of these and why they are important people in history.

In school we will mostly looking at inventors briefly before looking at the life and work of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole.

You could find out their story using the clips on the page above.  You could talk about how their lives were similar and how they were different. As well as this you could talk about how nursing has changed over time.



In our PSHE sessions we are thinking about ‘Being Me in My World’.

This includes thinking about how we can make others feel welcome and special.  How we could make our school community a better place.  You could discuss these at home.

We will also be talking about rights and responsibilities.  What responsibilities does your child have at home?  Alongside this we will be thinking about rewards and feeling proud.  Perhaps you could come up with a reward for carrying out responsibilities. You could also talk about what things make us proud of ourselves or each other.

Here are some useful clips looking at rights and responsibilities that children might have:

As well as responsibilities we will be thinking about consequences, although not in the negative sense we might think.  It is more about recognising that all choices have a consequence, something that happens as a result of that choice.  Through this we will be encouraging positive choices to lead to positive consequences.


Computing –

In Computing at school we will be introducing the children to the computer suite and developing their basic skills.  This will include working towards independently logging on, opening a program and using some basic typing skills in the first instance.

You may like to have a go at this game at home to develop typing skills and familiarity with the letter keys on the keyboard:


Online Safety –

As well as computing skills we will be teaching the importance of keeping safe when online.  With young children having wider access to the internet it’s important that they know how to keep themselves safe.  We use the Think You Know ‘Jessie and Friends’ resources in school.

The videos and storybooks can be found here:

Here is the link to the Parents’ information pages:

There are also lots of activities you can do at home that link to the different videos as part of their ‘Home Learning Packs’

You might also like to learn the ‘Funny Tummy’ songs in the videos and sing along at home as we are unable to do this in school at the moment.


Art –

In art we will be exploring repeating patterns.  Perhaps look around your home to see what repeating patterns you have on furniture, wallpaper, carpets etc.  Children could copy patterns that they see or create their own repeating patterns.

We will also be looking at textures.  Talk about what different textures are.  You could also do some texture rubbings.  Which objects at home make the most interesting rubbings?  What kind of textures do they have?


Music –

Please take the opportunity to encourage your child to sing at home.  Learning new songs, there are some about the body linked here: Parts of my body  This is Me Body Parts Song Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

You might also like to make your own instruments using household recycling items.  Some ideas for this are also attached below.

Here is a Jazz story that your child might like to join in with, learning the song while exploring pulse and rhythm.  Encourage them to move in time with the music.  


PE –

It is important to try and keep active, however if you are isolating and therefore unable to get outdoors to exercise here are some useful websites to offer some home exercise activities.

Boogie Beebies with Oti -

Cosmic Yoga - OR

PE with Joe -

You can also enjoy listening to favourite songs and just having a dance along to the music!


Many Thanks,

Year 1 Team