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Primary School

Y1 Home learning update. 5.6.20

Thank you for the emails about this weeks home learning - we hope you have had fun learning about a different part of the world. 

From next week, many teachers will be working within the school building, working with the 'bubbles' of children who are returning to school. This may mean they will not be able to reply to your emails as quick as they have been doing, but rest assured we still want to hear from you and help you with anything you need. We will still be putting your pictures up on galleries so if you want them to be shared please let us know. 

We will be welcoming a very healthy Miss Meehan back to our team to work on our home learning plans alongside the other Y1 staff. Mrs Bromley is also still part of our team but will be additionally supporting the planning for Y4 home learning. 

We will still be setting home learning - usually on a Monday. If you have a query about something that has been set - please email your Class Teacher and copy in and we will endeavour to support you as soon as we can. 

Alongside the weekly blogs we would like to remind you of the following home learning opportunities for your child.

Reading – you can read anything to record in your reading diary. It could be your school book, your favourite book, magazines, comics, poems, fiction or non-fiction. 

Phonics – 15 minutes practice. Using story cards in your child’s pack re-read and identify the words with the relevant sound. Then write a sentence with each word in. Think of other words that use that sound and write them in a list. Read real and made up words, applying segmenting and blending skills.

Spellings – look at the Y1 common exception words – practise spelling all of these.  If they can spell them all, put them into sentences. If they can spell all of the Y1 ones try Y2. (Lists of words are on the blog)

Maths challenges – spend some time testing your child on addition / subtraction activities with numbers to 20. If they are confident try learning the 2,5 or 10 times table.

And the following weblinks also still apply - 

Reading – create an account for your child

Phonics Play – free subscription at present.

BBC – search through the KS1 options

ICT games  - free maths and english online games

Top marks – lots of free online maths games

Oxford Owl – create a reading account for your child. Maths activities too

Twinkl – has a lot of printable resources – it is free for the current period.

Maths and Spellings games – free 14 day subscription (extended to school closure time)


If you have any worries / concerns please contact us so we can help you out;and please carry on sharing the success of your child - we all miss them very much. 

The Year One Team