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Primary School

Y1 Maths 1.6.20

In addition to the topic work set this week here are some possible maths activities for you to do at home this week. 

As always - please do the work that works for you and your child. 

Watch the bitesize video - Addition and Subtraction problems 

and then complete the following which are attached below. 

Activity 1 - the great outdoors, problems to solve outside

Activity 2 - mojimaths. 


And another set of lessons and activities for later in the week. 

Look at the bitesize page - Problems involving length and height and watch the White rose explanation. 

Activity 1 - Length and height problems

Activity 2 - More length and height problems. 


As an extension - can your child come up with their own problems using these as a structure? 


Good luck and above all - have fun!