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Primary School

Y1 Around the world- Term 6 week beginning 1/6/20

Our learning this week takes us on a tour around the world. As we come hurtling towards the holiday season it's time for you to go on a journey to a country of your choice. Here are some suggestions of different activities you can do with your child based on a particular country. 

Cook a local dish- E.g- Italy- A Pizza. 

Dress up as a native- Italy- A Roman 

Draw a map of the country and label. 

Make the country's flag. 

Learn some of the language that is used in that country e.g.  Italian for Hello, goodbye, My name is...

Research a famous person/ landmarks from that country. 

Create a fact file/ leaflet/ poster about the country. 

Research the country's wildlife. 

Create a weather report based on your chosen country. 

If you have other ideas that you wouldn't mind sharing please send them to your child's teacher via e-mail and we can put them up on the year 1 gallery. 

We look forward to seeing what you have learnt!



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