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Primary School

Year One News

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  • Y1 Time to Talk

    Published 27/06/20

    We would like to give children from Year One the opportunity for a face to face session with school staff using Microsoft TEAMs.

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  • Y 1 Maths Activities 29.06.20

    Published 26/06/20

    Here are some extra Maths activities for you to try if you wish. This week involves party planning, exploring 2D and 3D shapes in your environment and investigating some online maths games.


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  • Y1 Home Learning 29.06.20

    Published 26/06/20


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  • The Final Challenge

    Published 22/06/20

    Basketball results and tennis challenges.

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  • Year 1 Maths Activities 22.06.20

    Published 19/06/20

    Here are some extra maths activities for you to try.  This week we have included some puzzle solving, dice making and some different online games to improve your mental maths skills.

    Enjoy! :)

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  • Year 1 Home Learning 22.06.20

    Published 19/06/20

    The Seaside.

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  • Week 8 - Basketball

    Published 15/06/20

    Football results and basketball challenges.

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  • Y1 Maths activities 15.6.20

    Published 14/06/20

    Here are some extra maths activities for you for this week. 

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  • Year 1 Home Learning 15.06.20

    Published 11/06/20


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  • Cricket News and Football Update

    Published 08/06/20

    Cricket results and changes to football challenges.

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  • Virtual School Games - Football and the Great TPS Keepie Uppie Challenge!

    Published 07/06/20

    Football challenges and the keepie uppie competition.

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  • Y1 Maths 8.6.20

    Published 05/06/20

    Extra Maths Activities.

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